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Sven Habermann
Tornado Personal Defence System

Initially, my partner Brian Perrin and I had a concept idea. We wanted to design and manufacture a breakthrough non-lethal personal defence device. We wanted to incorporate speed of deployment along with availability of the device, an alarm, a blinding strobe light, and pepper spray; while not compromising a comfortable fit in a woman's hand. An important criteria was for the user not requiring fine motor skills to operate it. Under stress, the body operates more efficiently on gross motor activities, such as push or pull action. This is what we wanted to incorporate as a release for our safety mechanism. We were not going to compromise on that aspect.

Our first 16 month trial did not fulfill company expectations. There was a need to return to the drawing board. After numerous referrals to ByMethod Design, a meeting was set up with their team in January of 2009. Thanks to ByMethod, the Tornado Personal Defence System was officially launched and introduced to the Global market in March of 2010.

We were kept informed regularly on the project progress and were brought in every 4 weeks for milestone meetings. ByMethod walked us through every stage, from concept sketches to competition. Their project manager travelled to our factories in China and Montana. This was done to ensure final tool development and pre-production testing was 100% correct. Within 12 weeks of our official launch, we are being distributed in over 20 countries and the future looks bright. We are currently developing two more innovative products in the self defence market, and without hesitation, went right back to ByMethod. We have absolutely no regrets.

If you want a design consultancy to take your initial idea to a market ready product, I highly recommend ByMethod.