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We believe that winning industrial designs are the results from the successful marriage between creative concept designs and accurate mechanical product details. Our design team is dedicated to accurate product development and timely verification and we utilize some of the industry’s latest technologies to bring these creative concepts into realities for the market. Aside from using standard stereolithography (SLA) prototyping, we have our own CNC prototype machines to help us generate accurate prototypes for shorter turnaround time.

Our two full function CNC prototype machines provide highly accurate prototyping details required for product development. These two machines can work with common modeling foam, high density urethane tooling board, plastic resin block (ABS, PC, Delrin, Acrylic and fiber glass sheet) and aluminum. The prototypes we produced for our clients are ideal for form factor verification and mechanical engineering evaluation. Because we can use a variety of real materials, we can produce functional prototypes with no concerns for material shrinkage.