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The Hot Glue 2 applicator tip is a seaming tool for carpet installation. The client wanted to modify the existing glue channel to improve the glue distribution. They needed a prototype to verify the new design before it was implemented into the die cast tool. ByMethod proposed a CNC-cut Delrin (plastic) prototype for phase 1 because of the speed and efficiency in creating one. Two prototypes were cut and supplied to the client in order to test the flow with cold glue. The client was then able to identify further adjustments that were required for the design. Adjustments were made and the aluminum prototype was produced with our CNC Machine in phase 2. This allowed the client to then verify with hot glue using an actual hot glue gun. The hot glue flow pattern performed as expected and the design was approved. Being able to communicate the end product before the final delivery allowed the design team to be both flexible and strategic in their design approach.