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ByMethod is a well respected industrial design firm widely recognized for its creativity and solid technical expertise in creating innovative and functional product designs. Offering a complete design solution, we specialize in product development strategy, industrial design, mechanical design, prototype-testing, design verification, tooling follow-up, project management and production follow-up. Our designers have more than thirty years of combined experience in product design and development. Our mission is to facilitate the successful commercialization of a new product through innovative product design that exploits the benefits that optimize user acceptance and mass commercialization.

Our designs range from conventional consumer products to high-tech gadgets. Our vast design experiences include consumer electronics, specialty watches, water proof and rugged designs, industrial controls, telecommunications, security products, hand tools, keyboard and GPS devices. Our customers have access to our extensive design experience and knowledge base to turn their product ideas into marketable business opportunities through improved product designs. We believe in building and growing relationships with our customers over time, and we are proud to acknowledge repeat partnerships that have spanned over a decade.

Located on the West Coast of Canada, we have established partnerships with local and overseas manufacturing vendors. Our familiarity with manufacturers in China provides a value add to our customers who don't need to "start from scratch" to research and establish these relationships.

At ByMethod, we are passionate about functional and aesthetically pleasing designs. We value team synergy and believe in supporting innovation through proven design methodology. We work with our customers and partners from product conception to mass production as part of our complete solution.